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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: where can i get the BSF-Library ?
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2000 18:30:34 GMT
I built bsf, based on the build.xml file that comes with it. But I did
have to make a number of changes to the file. I grabbed the Javascript
stuff from rhino, and just set the rhino.present property to "true". (J/S
was the only language I included, since that's the only one I was needing
at the time). I also set up the compilepath property to what/where I had
things. And set src.dir, lib.dir, build.dir, and basedir in the <jar>
task, to what I needed them to be.


--- Bill Burton <> wrote:
> Marco Struck wrote:
> > 
> > ....\webapp\context\build.xml:7: Could not create task of type:
> > script due to java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/ibm/bsf/BSFException
> > java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/ibm/bsf/BSFException
> > 
> > where can i get the BSF-Library ?
> I was just looking into this today and also have problems building BSF. 
> Depending on what language you're interested in, it may come bundled
> with
> a bsf.jar.  Two I found that include it are:
> * Rhino (JavaScript)
> * Xalan (XSLT)
> Although I've not verified this, the bsf.jar included with each package
> was probably built to support just that language and not any others.  So
> if you want to support more than one scripting language it looks like
> you
> will have to build BSF anyway.  Although, maybe you could put the
> bsf.jar
> for each language in Ant's lib with a different name.  It's worth a try.
> If you figure out how to get BSF to compile, please post as I'm sure
> there
> are others like myself that would be interested as well.
> -Bill Burton


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