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From Diane Holt <>
Subject RE: Having a problem with the classpath passed to <javac> task
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2000 05:09:26 GMT
--- Jay Glanville <> wrote:
> I've just been reading over the ant-dev lists, and it appears that Diane
> might have already made the changes (just not submitted them).  Is that
> the case Diane?  Barring that, I will seriously consider it.

I've asked whether such a patch would be acceptable, and been told it
might be, but that's as far as I've gone at this point (too many other
things taking up my time at the moment).

For now, I just have my personal version of, which has
addRunTime in doJikesCompile() (and in my doSjCompile()) hard-coded to
"false". I haven't bothered with getting rid of the Ant jars because they
haven't gotten in my way, but I'd be happy to not have them getting
included (I have a ridiculously long classpath to begin with). Ideally,
what I'd like to see is just a single attribute (maybe append="false"?)
that equates to "don't put anything in the classpath for this <javac> task
other than what I've specified in <classpath>", rather than having
separate attributes to turn off adding run-time and adding the Ant stuff.
But others might disagree, so I maybe it's something we should talk about
over on ant-dev. (Or if you're up for it, you could put together a patch
to do that, and just put it out there and see if it gets picked up :)



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