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From Tom Copeland <>
Subject RE: Problem with AntStarTeamCheckOut FIXED
Date Thu, 28 Dec 2000 21:31:01 GMT
Oops... never mind... it was my mistake... now back to our regularly
scheduled programs.


-----Original Message-----
From: Tom Copeland []
Sent: Thursday, December 28, 2000 2:02 PM
Subject: Problem with AntStarTeamCheckOut; it fails with a
NullPointerExce ption in the call to Folder.populateNow()... line 493 (more or less).  It's logging in and finding the
server/project/view & folder just fine, but populating those properties
brings things to a halt.  Something internal to StarTeam is throwing the
NPE, I think... not sure what.  

I saw the earlier postings on another StarTeam taskdef written by Christian
Nichols but I hope to avoid using that since it shells out to the StarTeam
command line interface.  Sure would be nice to just do this programmatically
via the SDK.  I'll continue troubleshooting this myself in the meantime;
just wanted to see if anyone else has been this behaviour.

Many thanks,

Tom Copeland

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