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Subject Missing .java files
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2000 14:20:05 GMT

Thanks to everyone for comments regarding "multiple builds and failures."  I
understand that "fail fast" is a feature from a developer's point of view, but
it's a bug from an integration point of view.  A build manager wants to know
what all of the bugs are, not just the first one ant finds.

I'll mention this on the dev mailing list.

In the mean time, no one has responded to an earlier question I posted, so I'll
ask again.  It appears that when I hand ant an explicit list of files to compile
in the <javac /> task (I hard-code a list of filenames), ant does not complain
if some of the listed files don't exist.  It simply compiles those it CAN find
and issues no sort of warning (even with the -verbose option).  While this
behavior has certain advantages, it seems it can also lead to frustrating bugs
of the kind: "Well, I got a successful build, but I keep getting this annoying
'ClassNotFoundException'."  Typos and clobbered source files only get caught at
run time, not at compile time.

Is there some flag/attribute/property I can set to force ant to issue a warning
about missing source files, or is this another issue to address to the dev



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