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Subject Dependencies
Date Mon, 11 Dec 2000 19:54:05 GMT

Two questions:

     1) Does ANT and/or jdk1.3-based JAVAC perform automatic "forward"
dependency-checking?  That is, ClassA depends on
          ClassB depends on ClassC, and a change is made to, will
ANT or JAVAC figure that out and include it upon
          recompiling  I think JAVAC does this automagically under
jdk1.3, replacing the need for the unofficial
          -Xdepend option of jdk1.2.2, but I would like someone to confirm that
this is correct.

     2) Conor: LOVE the stuff you're doing with "reverse" dependency-checking.
I haven't even downloaded your code yet --- and I
          will --- but before I start picking through it, I thought I'd ask
whether it can be easily tweaked to spit out  logfile of all dependencies
          it has found.  That is, when I compile com.mycompany.mypackage, could
I generate a list of all classes that depends on
          somewhere?  Like I said, I'll look at your code myself, but I thought
you might be able to tell me off the top of your head.



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