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Subject jdk1.2.2, jdk1.3 and jaxp.jar
Date Fri, 08 Dec 2000 18:30:22 GMT

I'm trying to compare ant1.2 running with jdk1.2.2 to ant1.2 running with

After a bit of fuddling around, I successfully installed ant with jdk1.3,
created some build.xml
files, and ran a build.  I now wish to use jdk1.2.2 instead.

Realizing that I will need to rebootstrap and rebuild ant using the jdk1.2.2
compiler, I removed ant,
then re-opened the jakarta-ant-src.tar file and tried to run again
(after resetting $JAVA_HOME
and so forth).

The build now fails because ant claims it is unable to locate a JAXP-compliant
XML parser.  I
investigated a bit and discovered the jaxp.jar file which is delivered in the
lib directory of ant.  I
edited the file to make it echo the CLASSPATH at the appropriate
time, and sure enough,
that jaxp.jar is the third item in the CLASSPATH, after "classes" and

The only explanations I can come up with for the error are the following:

     1) A version of jaxp.jar was delivered which was compiled with jdk1.3, and
          therefore is not jdk1.2.2 compatible, or
     2) I have inadvertently left some jdk1.3-compiled classes lying around
          are interfering with the build.  But I find that difficult to believe
since I
          performed an 'rm -rf ant' and 'rm -rf build', changed to the jdk1.2.2,
          tried to rebuild ant.

I also checked to make sure there aren't any rogue ant.jar files anywhere.

Any ideas?


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