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From "Jason Rosenberg" <>
Subject Need if/unless features
Date Fri, 22 Dec 2000 19:54:04 GMT
I would like to be able to have something similar to the if/unless
attributes for the <target> tag, which causes the if/unless gating
to happen before any of the dependent targets are evaluated.

There are cases where I do know that I don't want a target, or any
of its dependent targets to be evaluated, if a certain condition
is true.

I'm having some trouble coming up with good names for these attributes.
My favorites though:


Also, in both cases, it would be very useful to have the ability to
have compound conditions, joined with 'and' or 'or', etc.

if_a_priori="TheSkyIsNotFalling" unless_a_priori="AlreadyDidAllThis" if="X or Y" unless="(A
and B) or C"

Currently, what happens when you have an if and an unless in the
same target?  Is it allowed.  Are the 2 conditions "anded" or "ored"?


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