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From "Sean Kelly" <>
Subject Update: standard extension suppression
Date Mon, 11 Dec 2000 22:35:42 GMT
It turns out Ant's invocation of the javac compiler had nothing to do
with standard extensions being suppressed.

It was which JVM was being used to start ant.

If I execute java by hand from my bash shell (this is on Windows),
bash's PATH picks up /jdk/bin/java.exe, which pays attention to standard

But the ant.bat file runs under an MS-DOS command window, and
apparently picks up /windows/java.exe, which doesn't pay attention to
standard extensions.

What's /windows/java.exe?  Beats me.  When run /windows/java -version,
it says it's java version "1.3.0", so Sun's J2SE 1.3 installer put it
there---but I don't know the reason.

Take care.

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