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From "Michael van Leeuwen" <>
Subject Re: Recursive build
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2000 18:55:08 GMT
Well, I'm relatively new to this list (only from this week), so I
probably missed the question.

The configure task scans all the target elements and adds for
each subdir found from the base dir an entry like
<ant target="..." dir="subdirA>
thereby replacing older ant tasks. So we end up with multiple
ant tasks in a target for executing the target in subdirectories,
before doing it on the current dir. This seams to pose no problem.
If the subdir does not contain a build file, a copy of the current
is placed there (and also processed).

What the task does is taking care of editing build files for 
recursive support (allowing to have a separate object tree). 
Nothing more. It is 'only' a 1.5 day's work, saving me a lot of 
trouble later on.

[ ]

  ----- Original Message ----- 
  From: Karthi Prabhakaran 
  Sent: Friday 1 December 2000 15:09
  Subject: Re: Recursive build

  I do it this way : 
    <target name="build_sources">
      <ant antfile="somebuildfile.xml" dir="subdirA"

  The problem with this though is that you can build
  only one subdir at a time.  I have not figured out how
  to do all the sub-dirs within ANT.  I can drive this
  outside from a batch file, but not within ant.  This
  was the subject of a question that I posed a couple of
  days ago here in this forum.


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