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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: <exec>: where is preamble to bin/antRun set?
Date Mon, 13 Nov 2000 10:29:16 GMT
David Miller <> wrote:

> So I am able to get <exec> to work with the original antRun file
> supplied with my ant install (I am running in Linux), but there is
> something very strange going on. If my <project> base directory is
> called /foo then I *must* have the file antRun located at
> /foo/bin/antRun otherwise I get the following error message:
> "Execute failed: /foo/bin/antRun: not found"

This is extremely strange. Ant will search for and execute
$ANT_HOME/bin/antRun (and does so on my Linux box BTW).

To get the behavior you are experiencing, something must be setting
either ANT_HOME or the Ant property ant.home to your project's
basedir. I know Ant's own overrides the ANT_HOME setting and
sets it to ".", you're not accidently invoking this one, are you? The
script named ant is the one that should be used.


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