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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: broken build problem with relative path to ant.jar
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2000 11:41:55 GMT
Luke Taylor <> wrote:

> Stefan Bodewig wrote:
>> Luke Taylor <> wrote:
>> > So it seems to be trying to make use of the classpath use to run
>> > ant, and tring to resolve it relative to the basedir,
>> yes, that is exactly what is happening. The content of
>> java.class.path is appended to the CLASSPATH that javac is invoked
>> with.
> Is this the case even when using the "classpath" argument with javac
> (which the build file does) ?

Yes. Whatever you specify is added to the classpath but the system
classpath will be in there as well.

>> > Any suggestions on what might be causing this and how I can get
>> > it to work?
>> Not using relative paths in your scripts that invoke Ant?

> I suppose an alternative would be to use the windows equivalent of
> "pwd" in the script and use that to set the classpath, but I don't
> know enough about windows scripting (apart from the fact that it's
> pretty lousy).

I'm in the same position, I *think* it should be possible but don't
know enough about the .bat language or the OS it's being used on.


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