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From Jon Schewe <>
Subject Re: subject line vote
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2000 14:19:30 GMT
I'd go either way, I just want to speak to a couple of Stefan's points.  

Stefan Bodewig <> writes:

> I've been told that my vote is void unless I give a rationale for it
> (thanks Conor).
> OK, A prefix on the subject line
> 1) Is unnecessary as there are several ways to filter in almost any
> MUA that don't require rewriting the subject line.

Yes, I can filter the list either way, just look at the devlivered-to or to/cc.

> 3) Is bad style

Not sure how it's bad style, but I'm open to reasoning.

> 4) leads to 
> [ant-user] SV: [ant-user] AW: [ant-user] Re: original subject 
> because no mailing list managment software is smart enough to cope
> with all ways MUAs say they reply to something ("Re:" is the RFC
> choice but each nationalized version of MS products has its own prefix
> - with different capitalization depending on version or users taste or
> the phase of the moon ...)

This can sometimes cause problems, but I've not seen many of these problems on
my other lists that have modified subject lines like this.  I believe the list
management software is ezlm.

> 5) breaks threading as long as MUAs don't use the References-Header
> for mails as well.

Some lists that I'm on use [<listname>] and it works just fine.  I've never
had any threading problems with this either, I'm using gnus others on the list
also run mutt and pine and don't have any threading problems as well.

Jon Schewe |
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