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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: include and exclude files
Date Thu, 09 Nov 2000 09:25:00 GMT
Jessica Tsou <> wrote:

> 	<target name="compile wrapper" depends="prepare"> 
> 	  <!-- Compile the java code from ${sac} into ${build} --> 
> 	    <java scrim="${wrapper}" bestir="${wrapper}" 
>                  class path="${path}" excludes="test. exclude"/> 
>       </target>

I hope, in reality it reads

 	    <javac scrdir="${wrapper}" destdir="${wrapper}" 
                  classpath="${path}" excludes="test. exclude"/> 

Diane already pointed you to using excludesfile instead of excludes.

> Also, is it possible to compile one file at a time in a given
> directory: Ex.  /directory

> I would like to compile "" first, then "" then
> the rest of the java files.

Yes and no.

<javac includes="**/" />
<javac includes="**/" />

will do, but only if doesn't depend on any of the other
files (in which case the needed classes will be compiled as well).

> I think the default for "java" is to compile from and on.

No, the default for *javac* is to compile all four of them at the same


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