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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Version question
Date Mon, 06 Nov 2000 09:28:39 GMT
>>>>> "CP" == Chris Patti <> writes:

 CP> I'm still by far in the R&D phase, and am concerned that if I use
 CP> the currently released version that by the time we deploy the
 CP> architecture will have changed significantly (e.g. watching the
 CP> mail about the new task system etc)

The currently released version is less than two weeks old, so the
development version is not that far different from it, to be honest,
it is almost identical to the release (two bugs fixed and some
features added).

The talks about the new task system are about Ant 2.0 which I wouldn't
expect to happen this year. There is nothing one could use here, we
are still trying to get a clear picture of what we want Ant 2.0 to be.

Personally I don't expect Ant 1.3 to break anything that worked in Ant
1.2, but there might be some significant changes for Ant 2.0 - the
changed task system shouldn't make that much of a difference BTW.

 CP> (P.P.S. WRT my earlier post about jmake, I was wrong, jmake also
 CP> does dependency checking so I guess I'll just have to exec it
 CP> fron Ant)

Does it a better job on dependency checking than the javac task in Ant
does? If not, why calling it? If yes, go to the CVS repository and try
to experiment with Conor's new depend task (read the code for usage
guidelines), maybe this (combined with <javac>) does what you need.


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