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From "Ritendra Sinha" <>
Subject RE: ejbjar and weblogic
Date Fri, 10 Nov 2000 11:39:15 GMT


Does anyone know which version of "ejbjar" task supports "basejarname" attribute.

I am currently using apache ant1.2Alpha and an error message appears telling me  that the
attribute "basejarname" is not supported by the ejbajar task.

The ANT task:

 <target name="wlejb" depends="deploy">
     <ejbjar srcdir="${build}" basejarname="RitenJar" descriptordir="${descriptor.dir}">
          <weblogic destdir="${deployjars.dir}" classpath="${classpath}; ${build}" />
          <include name="**/ejb-jar.xml" />
          <exclude name="**/weblogic*.xml" />

Error message:

simple.xml:50: Class class doesn't support
the "basejarname" attribute

Total time: 0 seconds

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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From: on 09/11/2000 23:36

Please respond to

Subject:  RE: ejbjar and weblogic


Daniel Hoppe has pointed out an issue with ejbjar when it comes to ejb-refs.
I am currently working on integrating a pretty big patch to ejbjar. Once I
have that in, there is another outstanding patch and then I would like to
address this issue with ejb-refs.

Have you also read where the
naming convention used by ejbjar is discussed. If you do not use this
convention, I think you will need to use the basejarname attribute to name
the resulting jar.


Conor MacNeill
Cortex eBusiness

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Shamberger, Michael []
> Sent: Friday, 10 November 2000 9:49
> To: ''
> Subject: ejbjar and weblogic
> Hi,
> I have seen some posts regarding this particular issue, but did not see a
> posted solution.  When I try to build ejb's with the ejbjar task I am
> getting an error about the JNDI name not being set.  When I look at the
> intermediate jar file being created, I notice that the
> weblogic-ejb-jar.xml
> has not been included in the jar file.  Has someone had the same problem?
> Here is an excerpt from my build.xml file:
>   <!--   ###### TARGET: accountFactory.jar ######   -->
>   <target name="accountFactory.jar"
>           depends="externals">
>     <ejbjar srcdir="${INTERNAL_CLASSES}"
> descriptordir="${CORE_INTERNAL_SRC}/com/msdw/online/model/factory/
> account">
>       <weblogic destdir="c:\temp"
>                 classpath="${CLASSPATH}"
>                 compiler="jikes"/>
>       <include name="**/ejb-jar.xml"/>
>       <exclude name="**/*weblogic*.xml"/>
>     </ejbjar>
>   </target>
>      [java] Forking java -classpath
> C:\build_classes;M:\re_coreMsdw_V1\coreMsdw\classes\jakartaregexp1
> 1.jar;M:\r
> e_coreMsdw_V1\coreMsdw\classes\AdventNetSnmp.jar;M:\re_coreMsdw_V1
> \coreMsdw\
> classes\AdventNetSnmpAgent.jar;M:\re_coreMsdw_V1\coreMsdw\classes\
> log4j.jar;
> M:\re_coreMsdw_V1\coreMsdw\classes\Acme.jar;M:\re_coreMs
> dw_V1\coreMsdw\classes\jaxp.jar;M:\re_coreMsdw_V1\coreMsdw\classes
> \mqjms.jar
> ;C:\weblogic\lib\jConnect.jar;C:\weblogic\lib\poolorb.jar;C:\weblo
> gic\lib\te
> ngahbeans.jar;C:\weblogic\lib\weblogicaux.jar;C:\weblogic\lib\webl
> ogicbeans.
> jar;C:\weblo
> gic\classes;C:\jakarta-ant\lib\ant.jar;C:\jakarta-ant\lib\parser.j
> ar;C:\jdk1
> .2.2\lib\tools.jar weblogic.ejbc -compiler jikes -noexit
> C:\temp\ejb-generic.jar C:\temp\ejb.jar
>      [java] ERROR: Error from ejbc: The JNDI name of bean
> AccountFactory was
> not set
>      [java] ERROR: Error from ejbc: No JNDI name set for the
> referenced EJB
> in EJB Reference ejb/AcctParticipantFactoryHome
>      [java] ERROR: Error from ejbc: No JNDI name set for the
> referenced EJB
> in EJB Reference ejb/SubAccountFactoryHome
>      [java] weblogic.utils.compiler.ToolFailureException: ERROR:
> ejbc found
> errors
>      [java]     at weblogic.ejbc.runBody(, Compiled Code)
>      [java]     at
>      [java]     at weblogic.ejbc.main(
>      [java] Java Result: 1
>    [ejbjar] deleting generic jar C:\temp\ejb-generic.jar


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