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From "Dean Holdren" <>
Subject RE: ddcreator/ejbc and "args attribute deprecated"
Date Mon, 20 Nov 2000 17:06:56 GMT
I got the latest nightly build (date is Nov 15th, correct?)  And I made the
necessary adjustments to my ejbc task.  However, it still does not place the
correct path in front of the .ser file, it still places nothing in front of

exactly what I would like to see in my manifest file is:
since in my .jar file I have all files in their complete package
i.e. the Bean class is in Junk/server/JunkBean.class inside the .jar, and
it's full class name is Junk.server.JunkBean

the physical locations of the files is correct in the local directories, and
in my .jar file, the problem is only with the manifest file, which does not
have the correct location of the .ser file.

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From: Conor MacNeill []
Sent: Sunday, November 19, 2000 9:13 AM
Subject: RE: ddcreator/ejbc and "args attribute deprecated"


I have fixed, in CVS, the problem of the deprecated usage of the args
attribute. You should not see that warning anymore.

I have also changed both ddcreator and ejbc to respect the descriptor
hierarchy. This means that the generated .ser file will now be placed at
the same hierarchical position in the "dest" directory as the .txt file
appears in the "descriptors" directory. Similarly the manifest entry
will contain the correct hierarchy information.

For your example, however, I would just like to be clear what you want
to see in the manifest file. If it is deployment/JunkDD.ser, then you
will need to adjust your ejbc task as follows

<ejbc descriptors="${src}" src="${src}" dest="${build}"
      manifest="${src}${dd.dir}/manifest" classpath="${classpath}">
     <include name="**/*DD.ser" />

Note that for this to work, you will need to use a nightly build which
contains the updates I have made.


> PROBLEM--> Using ejbc, the generated manifest file does not put the
> proper path in front of the .ser file, it puts no path info, since the
> manifest and .ser file are in the same directory.  But after
> I jar this
> stuff up, the manifest file needs to reference the .ser file as
> Junk/deployment/JunkDD.ser since that is the .ser's location
> in the jar
> file
> What should I do?
> Here is the background:
> Lets say I have a bean located in the Junk dir under a root which has
> the build.xml
> the bean's directory consists of 3 directories, deployment,
> interfaces,
> and server.
> The deployment dir contains:    	JunkDD.txt (deployment
> descriptor)
> The interfaces dir contains:
> The server dir contains:
> currently, after compiling all classes (from ant), I do the following:
>   <ddcreator descriptors="${src}${dd.dir}" dest="${src}${dd.dir}"
> classpath="${classpath}">
>     <include name="*DD.txt" />
>   </ddcreator>
> Where  ${src} = "./Junk"
> 	${dd.dir}="/deployment"
> It does what I want it to, namely, put the generated .ser file in the
> same dir as the .txt.
> Then I do this:
>   <ejbc descriptors="${src}${dd.dir}" src="${src}" dest="${build}"
> manifest="${src}${dd.dir}/manifest" classpath="${classpath}">
>     <include name="*DD.ser" />
>   </ejbc>
> Where ${build} = "." (I want the .class files in the same dirs as the
> source)
> now, this works fine also, it places the ejbc-generated files in the
> server dir where I want them, and places the manifest file into
> ./Junk/deployment/.
>  -----Original Message-----
> From: 	Dean Holdren []
> Sent:	Friday, November 17, 2000 11:51 AM
> To:
> Subject:	ddcreator/ejbc and "args attribute deprecated"
> Hello,
> When I use the format for the ddcreator and ejbc tasks as described in
> the EJB/ANT documentation, I get the following warnings (it
> still works
> ok):
> [java] The args attribute is deprecated. Please use nested
> arg elements.
> for example, this is my ddcreator task:
>   <ddcreator descriptors="${src}/${dd.dir}" dest="${src}/${dd.dir}"
> classpath="${classpath}">
>     <include name="*DD.txt" />
>   </ddcreator>
> How should I change this so it does not produce this warning?
> Dean Holdren
> Timecruiser Computing Corp.
> (973)244-7856 x154
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