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From "Puzzle" <>
Subject Extended Copy Command
Date Thu, 09 Nov 2000 18:56:54 GMT

Anyone know the best way to do this ?

What I want is to be able to have a task (like <copy> ) but that will, when
finished, hand a list of files copied to another task <java> maybe for
further processing. It could do this either as one large list at the end or
on a file by file basis as each is copied.

The reason is that I am using the log4j logging package in my project and
would like to be able to have ant control passing each file that is going to
be compiled (and hence copied to the build dir first - at least in my build
files) to an external process (java / perl maybe) to scan the file and
remove all log4j calls first (for a production run)

This way we do not have to ship the log4j.jar with the product (it's applet
based and the extra 40-50K for log4j we don't want the clients to have to

Now I could use the Filter option to set a boolean and test if we want to
log or not but this does not work as the recommended way of using log4j is
to have a private static Category cat = Category.getInstance("category
name") line at the top of each class being logged.

Any ideas welcomed

Oh yes, log4j is at


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