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From "Eric Hodges" <>
Subject Questions about using Ant with Visual Source Safe
Date Mon, 13 Nov 2000 21:24:50 GMT
Hi there, I'm new to the list.  I'm trying to set up Ant to fetch our code
out of Source Safe and I have some questions.

1. Is there a class out there that makes VSS work with Ant without using the
<exec> builtin command?

2. If not, how do I get the environment variables to work with <exec> on
Windows 98?  I have this code in my build file:

	<exec dir="${src}" executable="ss" >
		<env key="SSDIR" value="\\puffnstuff\common\css"/>
		<env key="SSUSER" value="hodges"/>
		<arg value="get -R $$\source"/>

When it runs, I get this output:

     [exec] No VSS database (srcsafe.ini) found.  Use the SSDIR environment
variable or run netsetup.
     [exec] Result: 100

The documentation suggests that the SSDIR environment variable should be set
by my build file.  Any ideas?

3. Is there an archive of this mailing list?  I'm sure these questions have
been asked before.

4. More of a comment than a question.  "Ant" is a rotten name for a tool.
Trying to find help on it by searching the web leads to lots of things
besides Ant.  "Perl" is a good name for a tool.  Nothing but "Perl" is
called "Perl".

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