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From "David Shepherd" <>
Subject RE: jikes failing but javac ok
Date Mon, 06 Nov 2000 22:44:08 GMT
Installed ant v1.2 and still get the same problem.  It is as if I'm typing
"jikes jikes" at the command prompt.
Any ideas?


>> I'm having getting jikes to compile some files from ant that javac will
>> compile ok
>> I get the following message
>>     [javac] Compiling 537 source files to D:\home\classes
>>     [javac]
>>     [javac] Issued 1 system warning:
>>     [javac]
>>     [javac] *** Caution: The input file "jikes" does not have the ".java"
>> extension.
>> and the build fails.  I'm fairly sure that jikes is actually compiling
>> the files successfully.
>> Using javac instead works fine but takes about 10 times as long.
>Which ant-version? What does ant say if you call it with the option -debug
>(-verbose in ant 1.1, although you should update to 1.2 then and try again)

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