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From Robert Davies <>
Subject problem with include
Date Thu, 23 Nov 2000 09:30:59 GMT

I am having a problem with including files with the build. It does not include 
them when compileing. It's probably a silly mistake like looking in the wrong 
path but I can't figure it out. Could anybody help? The directory I am in is 
~/triana/src/triana, the file I want to include is 
~/triana/toolboxes/Common/Logic/src/ Thanks for any help. The build 
file is below :


<project name="Triana_src" default="build" basedir=".">

<target name="build">
	<javac srcdir="util:gui:toolkit:types:image:audio:ocl" 
destdir="../../classes" deprecation="on" optimize="on" >
		<include name="../../toolboxes/Common/Logic/src/" />
		<exclude name="tmp/**" />
		<exclude name="back/**" />
		<exclude name="err/**" />
		<exclude name="new/**" />
		<exclude name="script/test/**" />
		<exclude name="testCompute/**" />
		<exclude name="builder/test/**" />
		<exclude name="rmi/todo/**" />
		<exclude name="windows/" />



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