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From Jörgen Lundberg <>
Subject RE: vssget, recursive
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2000 08:01:41 GMT
I also had some problems with that. When setting the
ssdir to the vss-folder it complained about not finding
ss.exe. And when setting the ssdir to the win32-folder
where ss.exe is at it complained about not finding
the data-folder. So, I ended up copying ss.exe and ssus.dll
from win32 one folder up in the tree to my vss-folder, and
then it worked...

If you have your vss-database in some other folder,
just copy ss.exe and ssus.dll to the same folder
where the srcsafe.ini-file for that database is.
I hope there is some other way of doing this but
this one works anyway.

This is how my I got this to work, maybe there is another
(correct?) way of doing it. :)

          |---ss.exe and the rest of the vss-exe:s


Hope this helps, and please tell me if you can get vssget
to do a NON recursive get.

  / Jörgen Lundberg,

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From: Eric Hodges []
Sent: den 14 november 2000 18:42
Subject: RE: vssget, recursive

Cool, a co-worker showed me where it was and the docs.  But I can't find any
way to tell it which Source Safe database to connect to.  Is there a way?

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From: Jörgen Lundberg []
Sent: Tuesday, November 14, 2000 11:17 AM
To: ''
Subject: RE: vssget, recursive

It's in the optional.jar. 
Download it from the Apache ftp-site and put it 
in your ANT_HOME/lib directory. 
You can find the documentation for the optionals 
in ANT_HOME/docs/index.html. 

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