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From "Tom Rynne" <>
Subject foreach task
Date Thu, 09 Nov 2000 11:20:54 GMT
  Is there any way to do a for-each type construct in ant?
I'm writing a build script to compile a project which is broken into 'modules'
so there are java packages
for each module.
I've written a build script which creates the relevant jars for a module.
using a property named 'module'.
I'd like to have a build script which then generates each module
I thought I could use
<property name="module" value="module1"/>
<ant antfile="build-module.xml" target="all"/>
<property name="module" value="module2"/>
<ant antfile="build-module.xml" target="all"/>
but properties can be changed. Ideally I'd use a foreach task
which runs <ant ..> on a list of module names
any suggestions?


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