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From Paul Hodgetts <>
Subject Re: Code formatting task
Date Thu, 23 Nov 2000 16:00:42 GMT
Piero Campanelli wrote:

 > Is there a task in ANT wich formats source code to adhere for
 > example to Sun Java Coding Standard ?
 > In my team actually is difficult, at this state, to educate to standard
 > code formatting.

I've been playing around with implementing a JIndent task.  I
want it to process any source file that is about to be compiled.
In other words, only the ones that are out of date and will be
picked up by the Javac task.  Sort of like a preprocessor for
the Javac task.

Short of writing or stealing a lots of code that determines what
files need to be recompiled and adding that code to my new
JIndent task, does anyone have any ideas how to add preprocessor-
like functionality when compiling?  Maybe I'm missing something
easy and obvious?

-Paul Hodgetts

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