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From Luke Taylor <>
Subject broken build problem with relative path to ant.jar
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2000 10:36:00 GMT

I've recently switched to using ant 1.2 and have come across problems
with the build for jBoss (the EJB server) and similar builds from the
project. They have the ant.jar file included  in <basedir>/lib to allow
them to build independently of any installation, and this file is added
along with the parser etc. to the classpath that is used when running
the ant program i.e

set CP=..\..\lib\ant.jar
set CP=%CP%;..\..\lib\xml.jar
set CP=%CP%;..\..\lib\javac.jar

java -classpath "%CP%" %1 %2 %3 %4 %5

This works OK with previous versions of ant, but the javac command
results in an error with v 1.2 (and the current nightly build):

The file or path you specified (..\..\lib\ant.jar) is invalid releative
(sic :-) to H:\jBoss

So it seems to be trying to make use of the classpath use to run ant,
and tring to resolve it relative to the basedir, rather than the
directory from which the script was run. I guess using NT isn't helping
things either :-(.

Any suggestions on what might be causing this and how I can get it to



 Luke Taylor.
 PGP Key ID: 0x57E9523C

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