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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Neophite Questions ...
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2000 01:10:13 GMT
> I'm a long time make user that's looking for an alternative for my Java
and C >development work. I've been looking at Ant recently - so far it
looks >promising, but I have some questions:

kewl ;)
>How do you do wildcard dependencies?

you can't and will never be able to. These type of constructs are
considered too complex and in Ant all complexity goes into tasks. So
instead of going 

	javac $@ 

(or whatever syntax is - long time ince my last use of make ;])

you would go 
   <javac srcdir="." destdir="."/>

and the task would handle all the complexities. You could also do the
following that is equivelent

   <javac srcdir="." destdir=".">
       <include name="**/*.java" />
>How do you get file lists in Ant like you do in make??
you may be able to (not sure - I seem to remember someone commenting on the
functionality) but it really is completely unrecommended. Use
patternsets/filesets etc which are documented in ant docs.
> One more bit: make allows you to say "There should be a *.class file for
each >.java file in this directory" (a little different than a suffix rule)
by >specification of something like (${@}*.class):(${?}*java) - don't quote
me on >the syntax, I don't have my make manuals in front of me, but it
kinda looks >like that.  

You can't unless you write your own task to do that ;)



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