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From Peter Donald <>
Subject RE: style task
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2000 04:46:07 GMT
At 09:58  13/11/00 -0000, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>Here's a further problem I'm having with the style task and XML in relation
>to Ant in general.
>What I'm upto:
>1) Log using XMLLogger
>2) Compile source tree
>3) ejbjar my beans
>4) style logfile into HTML report.
>Start weblogic (it's a real pain that the <wlrun> task blocks...not much
>5) Start Ant again.....(XMLLogger)
>6) Run a few Junit tests - output to XML
>7) Style XML logs again....
>The problem is that the org.w3c.dom classes are in both parser.jar and
>xerces.jar and they're of different versions (well classfile date and sizes
>differ) Xerces also has a copy of javax.xml.parsers.* which is in jaxp.jar.
>So far, XMLLogger does nothing - no log output, no stack trace, zilch.
>ejbjar gets confused as BEA also uses w3c.dom stuff to parse the ejb XML
>DD's (it seems) and of course, the style task uses these classes.
>So, ideas anyone? Rebuild Ant against Xalan, ignoring parser.jar and
>jaxp.jar? Waddaya think?

I don't know anything about ejb tasks but you can completely throw away
suns parser.jar and jaxp.jar and just uses xerces.jar. I did that ages ago
and haven't looked back ;) If you need specific classes in the ejb task it
may be possible to load it using taskdef and classpath element thou I am
not sure about that ;)



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