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From James Manning <>
Subject Re: cvs login using cvs target
Date Sat, 04 Nov 2000 16:35:27 GMT
[Willie Vu]
> I want to do nightly build that check out source from CVS and build from the 
> source.   However, our CVS server is pserver that requires password 
> authentication.  I can't find the information that I can do it by the cvs 
> target or other ways to do login.  Any idea?

Options that I would see:

1) cvs login as the account that will be doing the checkout ahead of time,
   so the $HOME/.cvspass is around and you don't need to login

2) Have a job (cron/at/whatever) on the cvs server export to a given
   nfs/smb/etc directory, build from that instead.
James Manning <>
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