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From "Ventimiglia, David" <>
Subject EjbJar task and support classes
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2000 19:24:56 GMT

The Ant docs say that for <ejbjar>: 

" classes used by the bean but which are not part of the bean's
interfaces are not included in the assembled jar. These need to be collected
into a separate support jar file..."  

Does this mean that classes which are part of the interfaces, such as data
types for return statements and method parameters, and exceptions, are
included?  Does it also mean that classes imported into the Bean class for
internal use (but not part of any method signature) are not included?  

According to the EJB 1.1 spec:  

"...The ejb-jar file must also contain the class files for all the classes
and interfaces that the enterprise bean
class, and the remote and home interfaces depend on. This includes their
superclasses and superinter-faces,
and the classes and interfaces used as method parameters, results, and

Does this mean that classes imported into the Bean class for internal use
SHOULD be included in the ejb jar?  I apologize that this is as much about
ejbs as it is about Ant, but I'm wondering what the recommendation is from
others who use this task.  Do you include such support classes in the ejb
jar, or in some other support jar, as the Ant docs suggest?  Thanks!


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