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From Andrew Thompson <>
Subject RE: enhydra make and xmlc tasks
Date Wed, 22 Nov 2000 22:55:59 GMT
> >LGPL is almost exactly the same, except it removes the linking part.
> Anyone is 
> >free to call the code that is LGPL'd regardless of how their code is
> licensed 
> >(anything from GPL to $1,0)0,000 dollars a seat is fine).
> I used to think this but it is not exactly true - I thought 
> LGPL was a lot stronger than it was.

Meaning you think I' about right, or completely wrong? I don't understand.

> right - but LGPLed code can not be in Apache CVS...

Why - because the Apache group will not permit it? 

There's nothing in the LGPL license what would preclude it. Restrictions
only kick in when you distribute modified code (at which point you must make
the modifications available under the LGPL). There aren't any restrictions
on where you store code. That's like saying have a file of LGPL'd code on
your hard disk in the same directory as a file of APL'd code is a problem...

> Copyright assignment has nothing to do with the license. 
> Apache requires
> copyright assignment to Apache in the same way that most 
> large opensource

OK. That's a suitable solution to that problem.

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