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From Andrew Thompson <>
Subject RE: EjbJar task and support classes
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2000 19:31:15 GMT
heh. Well I've heard other people state that the specs are inconsistant on
this point.

Here's a thought - how many EJBs do you put in your EJB jar? - Do you do one
bean per jar, or all beans in one Jar or something inbetween?

And if you have multiple jars (presumably to simplify maintainence and
upgrades) do you put those support classes in just one of the jars or all of
them? How does your application server react to the same support class being
in 2 jars ... what if 2 jars ever came to have different incompatible
versions of the same support class because one EJB jar has been upgraded and
another hasn't?

For these reasons I'm biased toward not including the support files in the
EJB jars, by YMMV.

I think ultimately it'll depends on your app server. e.g. Weblogic seems
strongly biased towards putting the support classes on the 'system'
classpath (though a seperate jar might make more sense with hot deploy). 

Besides = I'm not sure what support class means... if it were to be the
transitive closure of all references classes the entire app would end up in
the jar.

Maybe this sort of crap is a good argument for .war files (J2EE packaged

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