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From "William Ferguson" <>
Subject Filesets
Date Wed, 08 Nov 2000 07:02:25 GMT
OK, I guess I'm doing something really dumb, so I guess you guys will spot
it quickly ..

I am attempting to use a path like structure to specify the sourcepath for
the Javadoc task.
I was doing this so I could exclude some classes using the exclude property
of a fileset.
But the Javadoc task says that it can;'t find any casses to build, even
though fileset
includes all files in dir by default. But if I uncomment the pathelement
line (ie
outside the fileset) then it finds the files ok.

What do I need to do to my fileset to make it find the files referenced in
the pathelement property?

  <!-- snipped -->
  <sourcepath >
    <!-- pathelement location="${build.src}" /-->
    <fileset dir="${build.src}" >
      <!-- include name="**/**" / -->
      <!-- exclude name="**/test/**" / -->

William Ferguson

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