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From "Stefan Schmitt" <>
Subject Re: Fork problem with AIX
Date Fri, 24 Nov 2000 13:08:10 GMT
> What does it do? What do you expect? What is wrong?
1. It creates a file with the name install.class

2. I expected that it should create this class and add some recources to
this class. I mean that finaly the install.class file is a large binary file
which bases upon the original install.class file but also  includes all
needed recources. (Some gifs, class and zip files which it needs during

3.Wrong? I only get a copy of the original file.

I tried it with <exec> and <java>. But everytime the same result.

The problem of the addclass Class is that I define which files should be
added to a classfile. This filter refers to the directory where addclass is
called from. I used the dir attribute of <exec> and of <java> but I does not
get my expected output. Could you explain how the dir attribute works or if
there is something else which changes the current working directory.

Stefan S.

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