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From "Samuel R Listopad II" <>
Subject RE: make -D in ant?
Date Wed, 01 Nov 2000 14:41:56 GMT
> <project name="plymedia" basedir="${rootDir}">
> and
> ant -DrootDir=C:\plymediadev
> I want to hide all references to absolute paths outside of
> the build file.
> when I do this it doesn't evaluate $rootDir as I would expect.

Ok this is what I was getting at with my last post (albeit poorly).  Ant 1.2
only seems
to evaluate properties at creation time.  However I would propose a more
dynamic system
where properties were recursively evaluated whenever used.

i.e. in this case when ${basedir} used it would lookup basedir in the hash,
get the value
of ${rootDir},  and the try to extract rootDir from the hashmap and find

Its a simple change,  I was just wondering if it had already been thought of
and done/shot down
for some glaring reason I could not see.


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