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From "William Ferguson" <>
Subject RE: PatternSets
Date Mon, 13 Nov 2000 23:01:23 GMT
> This is a workaround. Another one would be to not use <property> in an
> init target but put them as children of <project> directly as well.

Had forgotten that this was legal.I always use to set properties in <init>
when properties were evaluated at load time.
This will work just fine.

> > It would also be a good time to fix up the attribute/description
> > tables for patternsets & filesets so that they list include &
> > exclude instead of includes & excludes.
> include*s* and exclude*s* are the _attributes_ of patternset, the
> nested _children_ are include and exclude. Is the documentation to XML
> centric or what's wrong with it (not saying the documentation couldn't
> be improved, quite the opposite).

My bad. I have since found the line referring to the nested elements, as
opposed to the inline versions.

I still think the doco could use a cleanup. I don't think its too XML
I just think that the relationships between patternsets/filsets and
path-like structures is not clearly defined. In some respects the naming and
layout (of the doco) seemd to suggest (at least to me) that there was some
of inheritance relationship between a patternset and a fileset, but this is
not so, at least from a use case point of view.


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