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From "Alan Gerhard" <AGerh...@E-SyncNet.Com>
Subject Common Task Repository [wuz Conditional chmod]
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2000 19:39:04 GMT

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From: Stuart Roebuck - Thursday, November 02, 2000 2:15 PM
On a slightly connected but otherwise unconnected point...Is there anyplace to put my rejected
:-( telnet task.  Given that I'd been waiting for months in the hope of having time to write
it or find that someone else who had, it seems a shame if it can't be available to others,
even if it's only out on a limb in some lesser-known tasks category.  Surely I'm not the only
person who likes being able to build and upload a website by using ant to automate the building,
diffing, ftping of a patch file and executing a patch file on a remote server. I think its
wonderful - but I'm biased! :-)

I like the idea of having a common repository for custom tasks that are not officially a part
of the ANT release. This way, the active ANT-ers can share ... though this may be more of
an ANT USERS GROUP thing. This idea was brought up before ...

This, of course, would require site maintenance, etc. which probably is way down the list
of things to get done. But if it were to be maintained by a new volunteer or at another location,
maybe it could work.

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