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From Jon Schewe <>
Subject Re: licensing (was: Ant gui tool)
Date Sat, 21 Oct 2000 05:00:04 GMT
Peter Donald <> writes:

> >Here's a positive such email I got:
> >-- start copy --
> >Jon Schewe wrote:
> >
> >> I'm working on writing a java preprocessor and would like to use two
> >> libraries that are licensed under LGPL in the program.  I also would like
> >> to release my software under the APL(Apache Public License).  Part of the
> >> reason for this is that I want to be able to create extra modules that for
> >> an application that licensed under APL that use my application.  Is this
> >> legal under the terms of LGPL?  Or do I need to use other libraries?  I
> >> have read the LGPL and it appears that I can do this,
> >
> >If your software is a "work that uses the LGPL'ed libraries", than the LGPL
> >permits linking your APL'ed code with it, as long as you obey the terms of
> >the LGPL (e.g., by including the source of all LGPL'ed libraries in your
> >distribution).
> >
> >
> >BTW, I hope that you will choose to release your software under a dual
> >license, such as (LGPL|APL).
> >
> >I ask this because the APL is incompatible with the GPL, and if someone
> >wants to use your software in a GPL'ed program, they would not be permitted
> >to do so if you released it solely under the APL.
> >
> >--- end copy ---
> right - that discusses LGPL not GPL. It also did not mention points such as
> what else you are linking to. 
> It also did not indicate the date of this ? Because it *seems* that this is
> recent ? A while back GNU stated that because of javas linking model LGPL
> == GPL but from the above statement it seems that this has changed ? I went
> searching for original docs stating this a while ago and noticed they had
> disappeared - so maybe their opinion on this has changed.

This message was recieved this morning.  I'm just linking to the java library
gnu-getopt, I used to link to gnu-regexp then decided it was overhead that I
didn't need.  

Jon Schewe |
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