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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Experiences with Ant.
Date Thu, 19 Oct 2000 08:34:56 GMT
CCed to Joseph to make sure he can actually read it.

ISTR the mailing list software has some very special opinions on which
email address it wants to get the confirmation response from. I had a
lot of trouble trying to subscribe an address that gets forwarded to
another address (my confirmation from that other address was

Apart from <> there is also a (searchable)
archive at <>.

I just want to address some points others didn't touch (i.e. I don't
want to tell you that ant-user is quite busy with well about 500
mails/month and increasing traffic 8-).

>>>>> "JRK" == Joseph R Kiniry <> writes:

 JRK> 4. Supports "classic" (JDK 1.1/1.2), "modern" (JDK 1.3), and
 JRK> jikes compilers.

and even jvc (Microsofts J++ version) in Ant 1.2.

 JRK> 5. Supports what are called "build events" [...]
 JRK> No examples are included though.

See the online FAQ (praying it is up ATM) at
this is an example for a BuildListener that sends an email with the
results of the build process.

 JRK> There hasn't been a second stable release yet (1.1 was first
 JRK> public release), so it is unclear how to take advantage of new
 JRK> work in the build tree (junit, jlink, javacc, sql, ejb, Perforce
 JRK> tasks).  I've grabbed the latest checkout of the build tree to
 JRK> see how stable it is.

It should have labeled itself 1.2rc for release candidate already. I'd
expect Ant 1.2 to be released in less than a week.

 JRK> I've found a few other projects that use Ant by searching for
 JRK> "build.xml" in Google.

Maybe they are calling it differently, maybe they are not allowing
robots to access their CVS tree (jakarta itself doesn't for
example). One I haven't seen mentioned but I know is using Ant is
JacORB a pure Java ORB.

 JRK> 3. When you are executing platform specific applications (like
 JRK> the exec task, or the cvs task), the property ant.home must be
 JRK> set to the directory containing a bin directory,

No, it is set automatically by ant or ant.bat (from ANT_HOME).

Many thanks for the analysis. Did it really take only a couple of
hours to get this much insight into Ant? Sounds like another pro to


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