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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Building a hierarcical build-file tree?
Date Wed, 18 Oct 2000 08:35:18 GMT
>>>>> "CRM" == Craig R McClanahan <> writes:

 CRM> You might also want to highlight somewhere the "built in "
 CRM> properties like ${basedir} that Ant sets for you -- it took a
 CRM> lot of digging before I found this one.

You are right, I'll try to update the documentation today.

 CRM> It seems every release of Ant requires a ton of cleanups for
 CRM> things that have now been deprecated.

Well, this time - as you've said - it's mostly replacing one task or
attribute with another one. This is a necessary process of cleaning up
Ant itself - and I'd expect this to happen maybe once again if we
could decide on a naming convention for all tasks (is it basedir or
srcdir in javac, jar ... the like).

 CRM> Changing something fundamental like property immutability
 CRM> (again) would cause me a lot of grief unless there was a
 CRM> backwards compatible way for my current build scripts to keep
 CRM> working the way they do.

My aim - whatever we may decide on with regard to properties - will be
that old build files won't be broken - but I wouldn't want to stay
backwards compatible forever, one version should be enough.

Unless I'm missing something Ant 1.2 won't break any old builds that
didn't generate deprecation warnings in Ant 1.1 or relied on
<property> tasks in targets to be executed at parser time.


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