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From Jon Schewe <>
Subject Re: Ant gui tool
Date Sun, 15 Oct 2000 12:24:53 GMT
Stefan Bodewig <> writes:

> >>>>> "JC" == Jonathan Carlson <> writes:
>  >> Yes, huge problems. We couldn't ship it with Ant and you'd violate
>  >> the GPL if you shipped Ant with your stuff.
>  JC> Then how can jBoss (which is GPL) use the Tomcat server which is
>  JC> APL?
> IANAL, but I'm afraid jBoss violates the GPL if they do.

With all this talk about what's compatible how about this situation.  Say I
write a tool in java, essentially a compiler, that uses some gnu libraries,
regexp & getopt.  Then I decide that I want to write my build files with ant,
since it's so cool.  Now I want to write a taskdef for ant that allows my tool
to be used easily with ant and distribute that rule with my tool along with a
link to ant's homepage.

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