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From Peter James Donald <>
Subject Re: Dynamic binding of properties
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2000 05:02:14 GMT
On Wed, 4 Oct 2000, Scott M Stark wrote:
> I tried to write an ant script that would go through an object serialization compatibility
> testing suite. It is using BSF/JavaScript to try to simplify the writing of a common
> of steps shown below as the runV target. The script below does not work because
> properties are bound as the xml document is parsed. Now I have looked at how
> properties are handled by Ant and at first glance it does not seem that it would be
> all that difficult to introduce dynamic properties, but it would require a complete
> change in how properties and attributes are represented. Is this something that
> could show up on a future todo list or are there ramifications that would make this
> unlikely?

It is in progress now and will eventually go to fully
dynamic evaluation I believe. It is doing partial dynamic
evaluation now so you may want to download latest CVS as
that *may* solve your problem (don't know haven't updated
from CVS since it was added)



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