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Subject RE: Experiences with Ant.
Date Thu, 19 Oct 2000 01:11:31 GMT
> Ant is not a replacement for Make.  If I was writing Gimp, gcc, make itself,
> or any other OS-specific tool, make (plus autoconf) is still the way to go.
> however, the non-definitive dependent nature of Java program compilation,

> the high likelihood of a heterogeneous development environment, and the ease
> of writing XML for web junkies makes Ant a perfect choice for Java projects.

most of my antfiles are for web deployment to ease use by
content creaters and designers. Even they feel comfortable
adding bits to it ;)

> I believe that Ant will eventually add elements for gcc, yacc, bison, even
> python.  

already there is java equivelents for them (ie java compiler
compilers, generic scripting etc etc). There is no cc yet
and I am not sure how possible it will be thou I mean to
attempt it eventually ;)

>Heck, I could use jPython to make a quick-dirty build/test
> that parses XML into a tree, allows me to edit it on the fly, can run any of
> the targets and embed things like JUnit or even the weblogic console.

actually all those things are alread there ;)



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