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From Saviely <>
Subject Re: Ant gui tool
Date Wed, 11 Oct 2000 15:49:46 GMT
Thanks, everyone's comments have helped me refine my concept on this a
great deal.  I will go check out Anthill and Xeena.

As for the licensing, it is very interesting...  Though I have little
doubt I would go with the APL in this case.  But I have no doubt it is
important to know the surrounding context.


On Wed, 11 Oct 2000, Matthew Kennedy wrote:
> Saviely wrote:
> > For one thing, is this redundant?  The logical progression of things
> > nowadays is to GUIs, so I'd think it would be in the works.
> I guess it's an XML editor that you're going to write. At the moment, I
> use Xeena (from IBM AlphaWorks). Given a DTD (or schema), it provides a
> Swing GUI for building an XML document. Required attributes are shown in
> red, and it keeps a list of elements in bold that are allowed next at
> the "cursor" within the XML document tree. ie. It forces a valid XML
> document. It works very well for me. Xeena can be customized further by
> specifying specific icons for elements in Ant's DTD. It can also apply
> XSL to your build file.... should you so desire.
> Matthew

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