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From Saviely <>
Subject Ant gui tool
Date Wed, 11 Oct 2000 14:51:29 GMT

I'm thinking on writing a Swing gui tool for using Ant.  I envision it as
making xml editing less tedious to use, rather than totally abstrating
away knowledge of ant; it would probably find its best use for non-unix
people in the middle of the learning curve who still want to have a
well-structured buildfile, without having to immerse themselves in the
details of Ant and experiment.

My questions are assuming my first release stands fairly well on its own,
and is quite useful.

For one thing, is this redundant?  The logical progression of things
nowadays is to GUIs, so I'd think it would be in the works.

Also, does a GPL license create problems?  Would that mean that the
jakarta project will be unwilling to link to it?


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