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From Andy XueWen Qin <>
Subject problem using Javac
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2000 20:02:25 GMT
I'm trying to use Ant to compile a small project, but
seems like Ant's javac never go to compile an imported
file if that file is not under the "srcdir"
In my build.xml:
  <property  name="classpath" value=".:/abc/test1:/jdk/lib/" />

  <javac srcdir="/tdd/fortest" destdir="/tdd/fortest" debug="on">
     <classpath path="${classpath}"/>
file "/tdd/fortest/" has "import com.self.util.csCgi"
and there IS a java file "/abc/test1/com/self/util/"
but Ant never compile it, the error message is:
  [javac] /tdd/fortest/ Class com.self.util.csCgi not found in
  [javac] import com.self.util.csCgi;
  [javac]        ^


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