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From "Max R. Andersen" <>
Subject Re: <tar> task bug...
Date Fri, 20 Oct 2000 14:12:23 GMT
On 20 Oct 2000, Stefan Bodewig wrote:

> >>>>> "MRA" == Max R Andersen <> writes:
>  MRA> As you can see the filenames is limited to a specific length and
>  MRA> that is not feasible in the long run :)
> It is POSIX that has limited the length of the filenames. GNU tar goes
> a long way to find another solution, but <tar> just supports the POSIX
> variant, sorry.

ok...the good old legacy...:)

Well - then I have a "problem"...

I wanted to use zip in the first place, but under unix when I unzip the
result the directory is not given permissions that allow me to change to
it, thus I wanted to use tar combined with gz...

The problem is in short as follows:
e.g. ant has created and I want to unpack it:

...<lots of files being packed out>...
cd thezipfiledirectory/
bash: thezipfiledirectory/: Permission denied

To enter it I have to do a chmod 755 -R thezipfiledirectory

Is there a way to instruct zip to NOT generate a file what that has this
limitation ? 

Max R. Andersen (

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