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From Gottfried Szing <>
Subject Re: Help with EJBJAR
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2000 09:31:55 GMT
On Wed, 25 Oct 2000, Dave Inskeep wrote:

> ejbjar is cool - it looks through the ejb-jar.xml file and
> decides from there what class files are needed. The way this
> target below works is that it searches my source tree
> (specified by descriptordir), where the .java and .xml files
> live, for anything named *ejb-jar.xml. All of my bean
> descriptor xml files are named like bean1-ejb-jar.xml and
> bean1-weblogic-ejb-jar.xml. For each bean-ejb-jar.xml file it
> finds, it scans the xml file and takes the classes it needs
> from my build directory (where my class files but not java
> files live). It builds the generic jar file and passes that
> to the nested weblogic element to build the weblogic-specific
> jar. The weblogic jar will be named bean1.jar and be placed
> in destdir in the package tree.
> The actual compiliation of java files into my build directory
> is done by the compile target, which the ejbs target depends
> on.

thank you very much for this really helpful mail. i have now
tested this at work and its works - great. thanks.

cu, goofy

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