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From "Michael Stanley" <>
Subject RE: Ant gui tool
Date Sat, 14 Oct 2000 15:37:33 GMT

> And some people still wonder why Microsoft is winning...

Who says Microsoft is winning?  Its clear to me who has won the last couple
rounds :)

As far as all these licensing issues are concerned.  They are very important
and people have to follow them closely.  jBoss is doing wrong and they know
this and are in the process of fixing it (or attempting to fix it).

It is impossible to write a GUI for Ant under the GPL, do to limitations of
the GPL.  Sorry this is illegal no matter who you distribute the packages.
If your interested in a GUI, get involved with the Anthill project.
Frederic has agreed to release in under the APL.

Matthew Kennedy Writes:
> The library version of the GPL spells all this out

This is incorrect.  LGPL doesn't apply to Java code.  FSF spells this one

Jon Schewe Writes:
> It'd be nice if we could all just get along with our licensing.

I quote a mozzila tech director who quite little while after they released
mozzila under the MPL.  "Open Source isn't magic pixy dust".

> It's far too difficult to figure out which one is best for you code
without studying
> all of the licenses for many months.

It's difficult but not impossible and to get a good idea of how they stand
in doesn't take many months just a little energy.  If you plan on
programming Open Source, you shouldn't jump right into licensing issues but
rather look into it and understand it first.  You wouldn't sign a contract
without reading it first would you?

I strongly encourage everyone to check out all the resources they possibly
could find on this issue.  Start with the September ant-dev archive.  I had
only coded with GPL stuff before and was a major part of that September
discussion.  It didn't answer all my questions but it did give me a better
idea of the overall picture (Thanks Peter :)

Its not paranoia its the truth.  Peter knows what he's talking about.  What
your hearing though is not favoritism, or anger, or even paranoia.  Its
simply frustration.

Michael Stanley

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