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From "Michael Stanley" <>
Subject RE: Dynamic binding of properties
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2000 14:11:55 GMT

> May I suggest 3 scopes; target, file and project? Where project is the
> default scope and;

Or better said, is project is the class and has global scope.

> - target is valid only within the current target

Targets are like methods within a class

> - file is valid only within the current file ... i.e. not propagated to
> called scripts

Not sure exactly what you mean here, but methods within a class should be
able to exchange instance variables, and classes (projects may or may not be
in different files) may share global variables or may not (the idea of
public or private).

> - project is valid in the current project and all sub-projects

Classes and extended classes, where a class inherits all there methods and
variables from the class it extends.

This is trying to view ant as an OO programming language.  This may or may
not be feasible (well everything is feasible :) but may or may not be
desirable or necessary).  It is possible just to try and make ant a linear
language (like C).  There isn't classes or instance jargon, or etc.  But the
idea of Global variables, parameter passing, and final variables are still


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