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From "Chris Todd" <>
Subject RE: licensing (was: Ant gui tool)
Date Sat, 21 Oct 2000 01:33:18 GMT
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>From: Peter Donald []
>Sent: Friday, October 20, 2000 9:06 PM
>Subject: Re: licensing (was: Ant gui tool)


>>My point still stands, it is possible to dual-license advantageously.
>>IIRC, there is also a clause that can be inserted in GPL'ed programs,
>>reserving that the original author may grant exceptions to the GPL on
>>whim.  This may also be used advantageously.
>The copyright owner can always do this regardless of what license they
>place it under. The problem arises when they accept patches of more than 10
>lines. There is now 2 copyright owners and thus can't be done unless both
>agree. Now repeat this many times and you get the problem.


I know this is getting off-topic, but the recent discussions on this and
other apache lists regarding licensing has been extremely informative to me
(being relatively new to open source development).

Do you mean that if I were the sole author of a piece of software, and
released it under license A, then later decided I didn't like license A, I
could then re-release it under license B?  I guess I was under the
impression that once you released a piece of software under a given license,
that constituted some kind of implicit contract between the author and any
users, and as such, the license could not be changed.

Sincerest regards,
Chris Todd
Software Engineer
Alabanza Corporation

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