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From "Tom Maccariella" <>
Subject JAVAC task
Date Tue, 31 Oct 2000 22:07:50 GMT
Here's a really simple question, that perhaps someone could help me with:

I am using the <javac> task to compile files in a source directory to a
destination directory (which is in my classpath).  The documentation for the
<javac> task indicates that it will only compile files which "have no
corresponding class file or where the class file is older than the java
file."  However, each time I run my build, *all* java files are re-compiled
to the destination directory.

The only way that I have been able to prevent the compilation is to make the
source and destination directories the same.  (i.e. the .java file is in the
same directory as the .class file)

Any help would be appreciated.  I'm trying to make my build a little faster.


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